So peachy.

It's so hard to distinguish between peachy and blush. There is a subtle difference, and peach is a new popular colour for this Spring. It's not an obvious choice, and you don't see it as often, people tend to steer towards blush. But it looks fresh and light wherever you put it. So what would you pair peach with?? Grey or gold seem to be the most popular combinations, and you can see why. This beautiful peach chiffon runner is dreamy, I'm starting my hunt for it now! Sometimes it's the small touches that matter. Put a cute bow on your flower girl. Peach and gold, a wedding cake with class. The wedding industry is so versatile, you can probably get drink straws in any colour you want. Add a l

Just married!

Wedding transport can be very predictable and stereotypical, normally ending in a classic car or horse and cart. Pretty standard! Of course, there's nothing wrong with the classics, but sometimes it's nice to push the boat out and be different. So these are a selection of my favourite alternative wedding transport ideas. Moped This seems like a silly non logical option, you could get your dress dirty, your husband could be a rubbish driver, the list goes on .... but really, who cares? It's looks oh so fun, and it would be a great way to let your hair down (literally), and have a bit of carefree fun. I think your guests would rather see you happy and maybe a little messy afterwards than uptig

Geodes and Gemstones

We're taking a look at one of the hottest new trends coming up this summer, Geodes, gemstones and crystals. When you think of rocks, it's not just your standard pebbles, think luxurious yet mysterious and bursting with colours! Personally, it reminds me of fairy tales and magic, when have you ever not seen a film with some kind of magical crystal holding some intense power .... Excited yet? I definitely am. Here are my top 5 favourite uses of Geodes, gemstones and crystals in wedding decor. You'd be surprised what you can use them for. Name cards and table numbers Gold and geode, a great mix. Pure fantasy, They look great on the table and you can surround them with other luxurious decor and

All Things Bright and Beautiful

With the start of a new year coming in with a bang, you're filled with instant hope, happiness and love. By the time January finally ends, you're starting to wonder what you're doing with your life, why you're always ill and when is it going to be warm enough to not go out in 10 layers..... or is that just me? On a day like today, you look out the window and all you see is rain, rain and more rain. So instead, I'm going to fill my head with all things bright and beautiful! Here are my top 10 bold decor items and props that are catching my eye this week. The perfect getaway - an american dream, summers day, hair blowing in the wind .... `could it be any more awesome? Collect old tins and can