DIY Decor, anyone can do it..

Sadly, as much as we dream about it, not everyone lives a princess life. This means we have to actually keep an eye on what we're spending instead of owning a car for each day of the week. So when it comes to your wedding expenses, budget can be a big restriction, but just because you can't afford it doesn't mean you can't have it! You just need some creativity and a spare Sunday afternoon. Here's a few ideas from our own stock to get you going. Transform old coke bottles into metallic beauties! All it takes is some serious patience, gloves and gold dipping paint. I would recommend doing half at a time to prevent finger marks on the paint, and anywhere else in the room. Buy some run down old

Let it glow!

Maybe I've had one too many coffees today, or maybe I'm just loving the sunshine, but I've found a new found love for neon weddings. I know what you're thinking, this sounds absolutely horrendous, but let me prove you wrong. It's definitely for someone with a certain taste, but if you've got the big personality, this is the theme for you! Tin cans, and neon tape. That is all you need for this look, how easy does that sound. A quick way to brighten up your florals. Add brightly coloured glasses to spice up your tableware. A subtle hint of colour in your confetti. Use hanging decor to fill up empty spaces and make a brighter atmosphere. Ribbon curtains are all the rave right now, put your own

You can't buy happiness but you can buy Prosecco!

The three main reasons people come to weddings? Celebrate the love, eat lots of food and drinks lots of booze! The bar isn't going to be a main focal point of the wedding, but it's a place where a lot of people will be going back and forth. So make sure it's worth the visit! To make things easier for yourself, having a serve yourself bar could be an idea. Have some demijohns filled with homemade lemonade and cocktails and simply pop them on a DIY crate bar. This is a great idea for hot weddings filled with water and refreshing drinks too! Pour your own beer! Have a couple of local ales or cider available on top for people to have as they please. This is a quirky idea, and requires a lot of t

Blooming lovely!

So today officially marks the first day of Spring! So far, there's been no rain, there's no sun either but we can still hold out hope, one day at a time. The one thing that marks Spring for a lot of people, is the flowers that start to bloom. The colours, the smells, and unfortunately the bees (I'm absolutely terrified). I'm no garden guru, but here are The Top 6 favourite seasonal flowers for Spring weddings. Sweet Peas Freesia Delphium Hyacinths Ranunculus Magnolia Have a look at our Pinterest page for more floral inspiration .