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All Things Bright and Beautiful

With the start of a new year coming in with a bang, you're filled with instant hope, happiness and love. By the time January finally ends, you're starting to wonder what you're doing with your life, why you're always ill and when is it going to be warm enough to not go out in 10 layers..... or is that just me?

On a day like today, you look out the window and all you see is rain, rain and more rain. So instead, I'm going to fill my head with all things bright and beautiful!

Here are my top 10 bold decor items and props that are catching my eye this week.

The perfect getaway - an american dream, summers day, hair blowing in the wind .... `could it be any more awesome?

Collect old tins and cans with bright colours for a retro vase. Normally, it's the foreign brands that work the best.

Subtle and bold, a combo you wouldn't think would work, yet it does so beautifully! Have your under layer skirt a bright colour and match with your shoes or accessories.

Coloured glass ware is a big trend this year and we love it so much. Instantly adds life to the table.

Make your invites stand out and match it to the theme of your day. The more colour, the better.

Ribbon curtains, there are so many variations. Why not get creative and experiment making paper flowers and decor. Then mix it all together with bright colours and ta-da! You have your very own backdrop.

Swap the plain jane muslin for bright and colourful! No one can miss it and it will certainly make it a day to remember. It's a great way to brighten up a marquee.

I keep coming back to this one, it's so simple yet so captivating. Use the right mix of colours and create a beautiful set of button holes.

Explore your inner artist and have some fun with your wedding cake. A simple white base and then let loose with the patterns and colours!

Go all out with flowers and think of every colour in the rainbow!

For more colour inspiration, check out our Pinterest. It's filled with bright and bold things!

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