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Geodes and Gemstones

We're taking a look at one of the hottest new trends coming up this summer, Geodes, gemstones and crystals. When you think of rocks, it's not just your standard pebbles, think luxurious yet mysterious and bursting with colours! Personally, it reminds me of fairy tales and magic, when have you ever not seen a film with some kind of magical crystal holding some intense power .... Excited yet? I definitely am.

Here are my top 5 favourite uses of Geodes, gemstones and crystals in wedding decor. You'd be surprised what you can use them for.

Name cards and table numbers

Gold and geode, a great mix. Pure fantasy, They look great on the table and you can surround them with other luxurious decor and lighting to make it stand out,


This may seem like a less obvious choice, but how beautiful are these! If you want to feel like a proper princess, then a crystal tiara is the way to go.


If you can't get a glass made of crystal, then add some accessories to sparkle it up. Crystal stirrers are very in right now, instantly turns your drink classy. Make them out of rock candy as an extra surprise.

I love this one, a nice visual after you've finished your drink. I can imagine it looks great with water in it as well.

These quirky glasses are rock shaped instead of made out of it, but it makes it an interesting item to look at. How is it balancing like that?? Put a coloured drink in it for the full effect.

Hanging crystals

This is an enchanting decor item, like walking in to a witches house. You could even make a whole backdrop out of these, mix up the colours.


I would never of thought of this idea at all, crystal candles! The most beautiful candle holders I've seen so far.

For more magical inspiration, have a look at our Pinterest board.

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