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The metallic trend is in the top 5 favourites for most people. It can be either end of the scale from glittery gold to antique bronze, depending on your personality and taste. If you really wanted to, you could have everything shiny! It's better to keep it down scaled though for a more tasteful look.

Here are some little metallic touches that will definitely be going on my list.

Step away from the silver and get yourself some metallic cutlery! Gold, bronze, copper, whatever you're feeling. Don't worry, it's not as expensive as you think it'll be, but it is worth the money. It creates such an impact, the difference between plain Jane silver and gold! It'll have everyone feeling like royalty whilst they eat.

This one is a great one for Autumn weddings, or woodland/natural themes. It instantly glams and sparkles up natural leaves, and all it takes is patience and spray paint. You can use them as confetti, table decor, backdrops, anything you can think of! Even name cards.

The cake! This is a half and half scenario for a lot of people, is the cake important or no? From my perspective, it is! Everyone is going to have eyes on it if you decide to do the traditional cake cutting, so why not make it worth the look.

Most people use glass jars/bottles/vases for their flowers. So glam it up a bit and use metallic vases. It adds an element of class to your table as well as being unique and bold. Everyone needs something shiny to look at.

You'd never think of having metal flowers, it sounds silly right? Well, look at this bouquet, it's stunning. The mix of the natural green with the pastel flowers and gold leaves in a match made in heaven.

For more metallic gems, visit our Pinterest board.

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