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Non Floral Centrepieces

Every centerpiece I've ever seen has always been different in it's own little way. It may be similar, but there's always different flowers, or a different arrangement. However, not every bride wants to decorate everything and anything with flowers, so we've got some great alternatives to replace the norm.

Replace the flowers with candles, they're just as romantic, and you can get some great vintage lanterns that are just beautiful! You can either have a large lantern in the middle, you can go for candle pillars and scat them around. Candles give off a warm atmosphere, creates romantic lighting.

This one might seem a little odd to some people, but for others, it works, especially if you're going for a tropical theme. Have fruit in jars, they have great colours to them.

Candlelabras are a favourite of mine. Plain or prettied up with flowers, they look amazing. They somehow fit in to any theme you have for your wedding. For an antique look, go for a bronze or gold.

Balloons! Make your own mini hot air balloon for the centerpiece. I'm not a huge fan of balloons at weddings myself, but I love this! It's classy and quirky, a great combination. Who thought balloons could be classy??

Time for the quirky ones! These are my favourite, they're also very personal to the couple, so whatever memories you want to share, share them! The dinosaur is my favourite so far, put a big smile on my face!

Why not just have food as the centerpiece? Everyone loves food, it can be pretty to look at, as well as tasty! It will also keep your guests happy, and save room on the table!

Books are a great one to use, go visit a charity shop or antique store, even a car boot sale, and you can pick up some bargain vintage looking books to use.

For some more quirky centerpiece ideas, check out our Pinterest board,

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