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Place Settings

Place settings might not be something you consider to be important, but from my point of view, being a creative person, it's so important! It's the first thing your guests see when they sit down, it's personal to them (as it'll more than likely have their name somewhere there), and it's the most likely thing they'll take a picture of. So make it worth the picture! Photographers will always try and get a picture of the tables, so here's my guide to place settings and what to include, to make it worthy of an Instagram post at least.

Something that's included in nearly every place setting I see are plants or flowers. So this is the top 5 that you should consider choosing to use. Of course, it's entirely down to your personal taste and style and theme, so you might not like any of them!

1. Lavender

2. Rosemary

3. Fern

4. Eucalyptus

5. Wheat

Then the next question is, do you have the cutlery on or off, and do you have a charger plate/plate on the table or just a napkin? There are so many options to explore, it's best if you just have a play and find out what you like best.

For more place setting ideas, have a look at our Pinterest board.

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