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Wedding Signs

A lot of venues these days are like mazes, absolutely beautiful but so easy to take a wrong turn (don't worry, I've done it plenty of times). So what better way to guide your guests than signs! It doubles up as decor at the same time, fills a little bit of space, and helps all your guests out, especially after a few beers.

Signs come in all sorts of styles, shapes and sizes. So pick the one that suits your theme and personality the best, or just the one you think looks the prettiest!

So here are my top 5 necessity signs you need to guide your guests through your wedding day.

1. Map

The easiest way to let your guests know where everything is, is to label and point. Stick to the basics, like your bar, toilets, photo booth and ceremony. Everything else should be pretty obvious where it is. Normally peoples first thought when they get to a wedding is 'where's the bar?', so I would strongly suggest including that one on there!

The most common style is old wooden planks with fancy, calligraphy writing, and we love it! It's minimalist, which is all you need, as well as cheap and easy to do yourself.

2. Order of the Day

This gives your guests a guide on where they're supposed to be at what time. This is usually the wedding planners job, but if you don't have one, this is the next best option. Make sure it's big and obvious so people can see it and read it. You can stick to basics with this, find an old palette to write on.

You can make it a bit more unique by using a 'timeline' style and pictures, it makes it a little more interesting but make sure you don't make it too complicated.

3. Table Plan

This is an obvious one, most brides spend hours planning where everyone is going to sit, so unless you've got a 'sit anywhere' policy, you need one of these! You've carefully separated people who might not get on so well, or don't know, so don't let your hard work go to waste. There are so many different types of table plans, they range from vintage suitcases to mirrors to wooden planks to surfboards, so take your pick.

4. Welcome

It's always a nice gesture to welcome your guests, as you may no be able to do it at the beginning yourself. So make sure you make it noticeable and nice! A way of saying thank you for coming until you can say it yourself.

5. Something Quirky

I love seeing quirky signs at weddings, it shows humour and creativity. There's loads of different options you can do, some of my favourites are alcohol related - everyone can relate to that!

I strongly favour Instagram hashtags, I think it's a great idea, so if you like it, make sure you include signs with your wedding hashtag dotted about.

For more wedding signs, have a look at our Pinterest board.

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