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Woodland Wedding

When you think of 'woodland', I'm not sure about you but I instantly picture hedges, mud, wood and everything green. Well, stop right there! Woodland can mean so much more than that, and I'm going to prove it. This is one of my favourite themes, being a country Devon girl, it's my roots. You can make it as quirky, natural or classy as you want, it's all about the little tweeks and props. One of the best things about this trend? You can do it on a budget, no problem! All it takes is a pair of wellies, and a good saw.

Using logs is an obvious one, but what do you do with them, where do you put them?! There's some really great ideas flying around the internet, but these are my favourites so far. You just need time and a willing man to cut come logs for you to make these.

Blackberries remind me of my countless childhood walks with my Nan, picking them out the hedges and getting cut about a million times, then ending the day with pink stained fingers and a happy belly. It's little touches like this, that could bring happy memories back to either you or your guests. It's a nice little splash of colour to add to a neutral place setting as well.

Use wild flowers or succulents as your floral to be a bit more unique, it gives you more colours to play with as well as being rustic. Wild flowers are my favourite anyway! Pop them in vintage mix matched bottles to finish the look, or even alcohol bottles you've been stashing away.

The not so obvious one people think of - how to incorporate your theme in to your welcome drinks!

I've found the perfect rustic drinks, that fits the picture perfectly, and hopefully taste good too ....

For more Woodland themed decor, visit our Pinterest board.

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