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Just married!

Wedding transport can be very predictable and stereotypical, normally ending in a classic car or horse and cart. Pretty standard! Of course, there's nothing wrong with the classics, but sometimes it's nice to push the boat out and be different. So these are a selection of my favourite alternative wedding transport ideas.


This seems like a silly non logical option, you could get your dress dirty, your husband could be a rubbish driver, the list goes on .... but really, who cares? It's looks oh so fun, and it would be a great way to let your hair down (literally), and have a bit of carefree fun. I think your guests would rather see you happy and maybe a little messy afterwards than uptight and pristine.


Old or new, I recommend picking a pick up style truck, then you can pamper out the back and have a super comfy ride! Only if you're lucky and have sunshine of course. It gives you a breath of fresh air! My favourite so far is this old Chevrolet. It's perfect for a west country wedding!

VW Beetle

I'm a bit biased on this one, only because I absolutely love old VW Beetles. It's such a quirky car to chose for your wedding, really retro yet still a classic. The colours they come in! From cream to duck egg blue, to orange. Everything about them is just amazing. You can also opt for a convertible if the weather is on your side.

New York Taxi

I've personally never been to New York, but in all the American films, there's always a romantic connection to a couple getting in a New York Taxi. So if you're going for a New York or city style wedding, it's the perfect wedding car. A quirky choice for a city girl.

Vintage Bus

I love every single wedding that hires a vintage bus, it's a two-in-one because it's transport for you AND for your guests. So that's a big money saving idea! Even though the buses never seem to go above 5mph, and every oncoming car is a problem to get past, west country problems, I have never seen so many guests so happy at once. It's a truely inspiring moment, all because of an ancient bus.

For more retro rides, check out our Pinterest page

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