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So peachy.

It's so hard to distinguish between peachy and blush. There is a subtle difference, and peach is a new popular colour for this Spring. It's not an obvious choice, and you don't see it as often, people tend to steer towards blush. But it looks fresh and light wherever you put it.

So what would you pair peach with?? Grey or gold seem to be the most popular combinations, and you can see why.

This beautiful peach chiffon runner is dreamy, I'm starting my hunt for it now!

Sometimes it's the small touches that matter. Put a cute bow on your flower girl.

Peach and gold, a wedding cake with class.

The wedding industry is so versatile, you can probably get drink straws in any colour you want. Add a little bit of ribbon for the extra touch.

Grey and peach wedding invites, it's the perfect match. I would personally add a bit of Gold lettering to sparkle it up a bit ....

You can even decorate with literal peaches. It's all the rave to have fresh fruit in your centre pieces or place settings, so why not add some peaches in! They have the best natural colour to make anything a bit more perkier.

For more peachy decor items, check out our Pinterest page.

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