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You can't buy happiness but you can buy Prosecco!

The three main reasons people come to weddings? Celebrate the love, eat lots of food and drinks lots of booze! The bar isn't going to be a main focal point of the wedding, but it's a place where a lot of people will be going back and forth. So make sure it's worth the visit! To make things easier for yourself, having a serve yourself bar could be an idea.

Have some demijohns filled with homemade lemonade and cocktails and simply pop them on a DIY crate bar. This is a great idea for hot weddings filled with water and refreshing drinks too!

Pour your own beer! Have a couple of local ales or cider available on top for people to have as they please.

This is a quirky idea, and requires a lot of thought and balancing techniques/sturdy structures.

For a country style wedding, grab a couple of barrels from your local brewery, and a plank of wood and voila! You have a bar.

Fill a boat or water/feed trough full of ice and bottles.

Go old school and have a drinks cart, collect vintage decanters from charity shops and have a couple of statement spirit bottles.

For an outside fairytale wedding, use a swing for a bar. Just be careful of kids!

Visit all the vintage stores and find an old dressing table/side unit. Add on some charity shop bargain decanters and add a chandelier above.

For more inspiration, check out our Pinterest board.

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