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  • Hayley Doble

DIY Decor, anyone can do it..

Sadly, as much as we dream about it, not everyone lives a princess life. This means we have to actually keep an eye on what we're spending instead of owning a car for each day of the week. So when it comes to your wedding expenses, budget can be a big restriction, but just because you can't afford it doesn't mean you can't have it! You just need some creativity and a spare Sunday afternoon.

Here's a few ideas from our own stock to get you going.

Transform old coke bottles into metallic beauties! All it takes is some serious patience, gloves and gold dipping paint. I would recommend doing half at a time to prevent finger marks on the paint, and anywhere else in the room.

Buy some run down old furniture and give it a gold old sanding and a lick of paint - looks brand new!

Get some plain wooden doors from your local DIY store, or anywhere you can get your hands on and create the rustic look with paint and sand paper. It's fairly therapeutic ....

This one takes a little bit more skill, or just a lot of time, trial and error. Simply find the font you love online and copy it by eye! we've used it on a mirror for a welcome wedding sign, but you can use it for anything. Do your own stationery for your day.

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