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  • Hayley Doble

Let it glow!

Maybe I've had one too many coffees today, or maybe I'm just loving the sunshine, but I've found a new found love for neon weddings. I know what you're thinking, this sounds absolutely horrendous, but let me prove you wrong. It's definitely for someone with a certain taste, but if you've got the big personality, this is the theme for you!

Tin cans, and neon tape. That is all you need for this look, how easy does that sound. A quick way to brighten up your florals.

Add brightly coloured glasses to spice up your tableware.

A subtle hint of colour in your confetti.

Use hanging decor to fill up empty spaces and make a brighter atmosphere.

Ribbon curtains are all the rave right now, put your own twist on it and make it glow!

A neon twist on wedding signs, it looks great at tropical weddings.

Add some extra lighting to areas that need it, but make it look worth it.

Neon cake! Better any day than plain old white.

Be adventurous in your pictures and opt for smoke bombs, they look absolutely amazing when caught right by the photographer. The definite way to celebrate!

Have a look at our Pinterest page for some more inspiration.

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