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Getting Married in Style

The top 5 wedding decor trends of 2018

We all know that trends can change rapidly so now that we are truly settled into 2018, let’s have a look at what ideas and styles we are expecting for this years wedding decor scene.

  1. Roses are red, Ultra Violet is NEW

According to Brides Magazine, Ultra Violet is the colour of 2018. This gorgeous purple tone is unique yet eye-catching and can be incorporated into your wedding decor in many different ways. The obvious option is eye catching floral displays such as roses and hydrangeas, both are available in this rich colour, mix in some other jewel colours as deep pinks and blues for a truly rich tapestry. Alternatively, channel this glamorous shade throughout the table with either purple napkins, taffeta chair bows or a luxury velvet runner down the centre. #swoon

2. The pearl

Pearls have always been one of the most timeless additions to a woman’s attire, but this year they are predicted to be more in demand than ever. A simple yet effective way to use pearls in your decor is to line the bottom of glass jars or vases with and place a candle and perhaps flowers in the middle. With the candle alight, the pearls will create a subtle glow that will catch the eyes of your guests and create an ambient romantic atmosphere.

3. Garden in the skies

We all know that flowers are a wedding essential, but 2018 is saying goodbye to flower centrepieces and saying hello to hanging flowers. This new trend involves hanging flowers from the ceiling or on an overhead structure to create a bright atmosphere to the room. During the day, brightly coloured flowers can be a substitute for classic fairy lights and in the evening, the lights will make the flowers glow.

4. Modern Metallics

Recently, we’ve seen the increase in metallic shades, especially rose gold. These colours are ideal for a modern styled wedding as they are often seen in the design concepts for technology such as mobile phones; a huge part of our daily lives. These shades match perfectly with white creating a sleek and crisp look. In terms of wedding decor, gold or silver candle holders finishes off a table setting or along the edge of the aisle. Alternatively, metallic cutlery adds a subtle and classy touch to the table. If you’re searching for a more affordable way to achieve this look, it is easy to DIY. Gold, Copper, Silver and Rose gold spray paints are available in most super markets, which can save a lot of money!

5. Love is sweet

What is a wedding without a statement cake? This year, extravagant dessert tables are the craze. Having your wedding cake as the centerpiece on a table isn’t original enough for 2018, therefore, piling the table with vibrant and quirky cakes, treats and decor will put emphasis on your wedding cake and draw attention to its beauty. Additionally to the cakes and treats, decorating the table with vigorously brightly coloured flowers, ribbon, lights and glasses will lighten it up and create a warm glow.





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